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Let’s IRON it out!

Unveiling the Power of Iron Supplementation for Female Endurance Athletes In the world of endurance sports, female athletes often face unique challenges that require careful attention to nutrition. Iron deficiency is a prevalent concern among women, and its impact on performance cannot be underestimated. This blog post delves into the

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Common Injuries in Pickleball

The most prevalent injuries among pickleball players include sprains, strains, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, and ankle injuries. These can occur due to overexertion, sudden movements, repetitive motions, lack of proper warm-up, water on the court, and collisions with other players or objects. Causes and contributing factors of these injuries in

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Going with the Flow: Active Female Specific Research

Earlier this summer, I was SO EXCITED to read a research article I had been waiting for…the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s position stand on nutritional concerns of the female athlete (Don’t let the “athlete” word scare you away…if you move your body on purpose, you are an athlete). This

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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Your Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most mothers; however, it can also be overwhelming with evolving physical demands placed upon the body, hormonal changes, and mental stress. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural way to ensure your body is well-functioning and comfortable, as it helps to relax both body and

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Do I have a pinched nerve?

What is a Pinched Nerve & Can Chiropractic Help?

You’ve likely heard someone say they have a pinched nerve, and while it’s often a go-to term for someone who’s in pain, it may not be the case. We want to clear up the misconceptions about a pinched nerve so you have a better understanding of what’s going on in

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Low Back Pain

Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain with Fast-Acting Techniques

Low back pain is a common issue affecting millions of people yearly. Various reasons, including poor posture, trauma, and overuse, can cause it. Whatever the cause, low back pain can be debilitating and prevent you from enjoying your activities. With the help of safe, effective methods, including chiropractic care, you

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